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Companies Within the Group

The companies below are divisions of The Vested Mental Health Group

These three companies each provide care and training in their respective areas. You can visit any of the websites by clicking on the image.
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About Us

from our Founder and Group Chairman


Hi! I'm Dr. Steve George, the Founder and current Group Chairman of Vested Mental Health Group.

It's our belief, that a person can absolutely improve their own mental health . This doesn't mean to say that the techniques we provide will cure mental health issues. Only that those techniques will almost always provide a holistic way to control the symptoms of those issues.

Vested Mental Health Group is the umberella company that incorporates the various aspects of mental health care that myself and my associates provide.

At present, there are 3 separate companies: The Family Mindfulness Centre, The Skillful Mind and Teen Anxiety UK.

Within the group, we provide care, guidance, encouragement and training in everything from building confidence and self-esteem, to mindfulness and meditation.

You can find out more about the group on our About page.

Steve George
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